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Glass Coated Lens 50mW Green Laser Line Generator

Posted by berlinsummer in General, laser line generator, alignment laser - 10 Mar, 2021

What is the best solution for users to make clear and fine enough line alignment? When it is pointing at quite long work distance, always not easy to reach by manual line printing device, it is a very practical used device to try 50mW green laser line generator. It is emitting highly visible green laser beam at several miles far away, but also generating highly clear green reference line as long as 25 meters. When green line laser module makes proper installation and adjustment to correct position, it is able to work with highly fine and clear green reference line indication onto various working surfaces. This 50mW green laser line generator applies the most advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech. It is an industrial stabilized line measuring tool. According to the use of 5V, 9V 1000mA DC power supply, accepting wide range electric current of 100V to 240V, this green line laser module is just workable with the most intense green laser beam at several miles far away. It is also generating extremely clear green line alignment as long as 25 meters and other high lighting working occasions etc. Without any serious limitation of work distance, high height and other complex working environments, 50mW green laser line generator makes easy and quick line positioning results. When it is designing with 16mm or 26mm diameter tube, after leaving enough space for inner metal heat sink cooling system inside aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube, green laser module is workable with superior nice thermal conductivity, and highly stable green line alignment under any harsh working occasion of mechanical moving or calibration etc. In multiple industrial and high tech line measuring work fields, it is not affecting by any working environments, but just making quite satisfied green line alignment for any industrial and high tech line positioning works. Not any longer relying on manual labor force input, 50mW green laser line generator makes easy and quick line projection for all precise device manufacturing works. It is working with highly uniform green reference line projection from the best quality glass coated lens. When it is projecting high linear quality and highly straight green line within 0.5 meter to 6 meters, this alignment laser makes the clearest line indication for all precise device manufacturing works and high tech fields. When users are wearing correct 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses and avoiding operation under sunlight, it just makes safe and quick line indication for all occasions constantly.


Posted by berlinsummer in General - 10 Mar, 2021

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